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  1. dorianu

    Need advice with getting a paid product from an api

    I'm working on a wordpress site that has a bunch of forms. I need to send the submitted form data to an api, in return I get a product. The products are charged by credits that I have on a account. Before I request the product from the api, I have to charge the user. The checkout page is done on...
  2. D

    HTML & CSS How To Nest Embedded Video and Audio In DIV?

    I'm trying to figure out how to nest embedded YouTube Video and Audio in DIV so I can enter caption beneath them. See - Test page I have tried moving captions around, surrounding Audio and Video players with DIVs in different ways so that caption is contained below players, but nothing works...
  3. fortran_cookie

    JavaScript Setting iframe src as a javascript variable

    Sorry if this is a stupid question- I have a project that displays a site in an iframe based on a text box input. I need some way to set the iframe src as a variable so that the iframe can display multiple sites. However, this does not work, and I've scoured the internet for a solution, and...
  4. Servin_Laughter

    JavaScript JavaScript script that can read text that is inside of an HTML page?

    Hey! This is a revision to a previous question I asked. I want to use JavaScript to read the text that is put onto an HTML page through an IFrame element. The IFrame element is a news and updates subscription list, and when you enter the information, the screen says "Your subscription has been...
  5. T

    HTML Iframe login not working

    Hi, I am trying to create a portal to quickly navigate between websites quickly. But I have run into an issue. I am using an iframe to open the website in the window, but when I input my login information to the iframe page, it just reloads and doesn't proceed. It works on IE but no other...
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