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  1. T

    JavaScript Every file is modular? `import` and `export` statements necessary between files

    I have been using JavaScript since it was first created in the 90s. (Tangent: I was late getting into TypeScript, but what a contrast...major reduction in dev time, sounder code! But using TypeScript now creates another level of code organization with a 'tsconfig.json' file, and how the VSCode...
  2. Ordep-20

    Node.JS Youtube-video-js module blocking

    Hi guys I'm stucked in this nodeJS problem, I trying to make an embed youtube server using NodeJS, the base Idea its use and youtube/cdns video with external audio sync, I 've done this in PHP but have some issues for sync. I used this example...
  3. ManiacTheJuan

    Java New to coding, need some slight help

    Hello i've recently started learning java. I'm still a newbie and i couldn't find any solution to this error i keep getting when i try to run my program internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:955 throw err; ^ Error: Cannot find module 'C:\Users\shrmm\Desktop\Bot\project1.js' [90m at...
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