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    Open-Source Projects

    Hello there, I'm creating this thread as a way to further publicize open-source projects and make them easier to find in case you wish to contribute to them or want something to use that is specifically open-source. If you have any projects you would like to add, just respond with them and...
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    Contribute to an open source web project

    Hello there! I would like to participate in a web project to improve my front end programming skills in HTML, CSS and Vanilla JavaScript. Could you please tell me or guide me how can I contribute to a free web project? I searched on the net but could not find anything. Thanks a lot!
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    Java Two small Java games by Markus "Notch" Persson

    Hello there, CF! As I was scouting the web the other day for some interesting Java projects to contribute to, I came across two that not could I contribute to, but rather, mod and analyse. I present to you, two of Markus "Notch" Persson's(creator of Minecraft) previous projects: "Breaking The...
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    Git Discussion

    Hey there, everyone. I'm sure you all know what Git is, correct? If not, then let me explain. Git is version-control-system("VCS"), that was invented by Linux Kernel creator, Linus Torvalds, for use in only the Linux Kernel. Since then, it has became the dominant VCS system for programmers and...
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    My Old Project Is Up For Grabs Again.

    Hey there. A few months ago(Around June), I had made a post on my old account detailing a Project that I was giving away. It was an old Web-Project that I was doing for fun but never got very far due to my lack of knowing PHP or any Web-Scripting Language other than HTML and CSS. Eventually, it...
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    PHP WebBox - Beta Thread

    Hey everyone. Today is officially the day that my Organization, Oxygen-Software, launches the first ever Version of it's first piece of Software, WebBox! This Thread that you're currently on right now is a Beta-Thread. That's because right now, WebBox is still in it's early stages of...
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    Oxygen/Oxygen Software

    Hey everyone. As of today(And after a day of working on it), I have created an Organization on GitHub. It's called: Oxygen(But it can also be referred to as Oxygen Software). Oxygen is a decentralized Group/Organization on the Internet that creates FOSS Software. Think of GNU. Oxygen has...
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    Let The Box, Become A Box, Become A Box And Become A Box(Which Leads To More Boxes...)

    Hey everyone. In case you didn't know, recently, the nail in the coffin has been inserted into the WebWareBox Project. So, it's now dead and no longer In-Development. So, you cannot Contribute any more to the Project, nor' will you be hearing any more News about it. Anyways, that's the Bad News...
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    Ending WebWareBox

    Hey everyone. I'm writing this Post to just go over WebWareBox now and why I want it gone. Anyways, let's get into it. So, for those who don't know, WebWareBox is a piece of Software that you can install onto your Website. It let's Users upload Programs, Music, Files etc. The Project was...
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    Mozilla Science Labs

    Mozilla Science Labs is an initiative of the Mozilla Foundation that aims to explore how Open-Source can change the Web and Science. It provides Resources that can help you with Open-Source Projects. From setting-up your README File to helping you make a Roadmap for your Project, it has many...
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    WebWareBox - New Lead-Developer/Maintainer

    Hey everyone. As you may know, I've recently Resigned from my Position as the Lead-Developer/Maintainer of WebWareBox. Upon doing this, I began looking for a new Lead-Developer/Maintainer to take control over the Project. But I did decide to give up on that and pick someone instead. That...
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    Resigning As Lead-Developer Of The WebWareBox

    Hey everyone. It is with great sadness that I announce my Resignation as the Lead-Developer of WebWareBox. Let me explain. While as the Lead-Developer of WebWareBox, it has been a great journey. I've sank multiple weeks and days into the Project. But as Lead-Developer, I have other things I...
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    WebWareBox Re-Write Is Done

    Hey there everyone. As of today, I now declare the WebWareBox Re-Write as complete. Now you're probably wondering why this Re-Write occurred in the first place. Well, the Re-Write was for the following Reasons: To Re-Structure the Directories Focus on the Design and Layout Convert everything...
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    WebWareBox Is Now Open-Source And Now Is Now Under CodeForum.org!

    Hey there everyone. I'm @Code_Block, and have I got News for you! So over the past couple of weeks, I have been trying to get an Owner for my Defunct-Site, WebWareBox. Earlier, @Malcolm, gave the Idea of making the Project Open-Source. Now, I thought of the possibility of making the Project...
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