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HTML & CSS 3D Tetris game from 1989 called BlockOut in HTML5


New Coder


I try to make a 3D Tetris called BlockOut from 1989.

Anybody here remember the game?

Is it ok to play?

If you played the original game 30 years ago.
Anything you are missing?

Regards MagI



Active Coder
Awesome! HTML5 canvas is a great tool for gaming. Porting something like this to a web app or even local no-internet-needed wrapper app is a great idea.
Do you have other games you've made? Keep up the good work :)


New Coder


I now have my BlockOut to work on phones.

Open it in browser on phone.
Set it to "Desktop site" in your phone browser.
Turn your phone to lay on one side "landscape view".
Center the game area.
Set game options left and right.
Tap above "Browser High Scores"
The screen is split in three swipe parts.
The right side is to swipe cubes left/right/up/down.
The left side is split in a top 2/3 of hight area and swipe rotate cubes.
The lower left swipe area make cubes rotate clock/anticlockwise.

Is it ok?

Regards MagI
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