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HTML & CSS A couple good sites for learning html and css


Bronze Coder

Both great sites for learning the ins and outs of html and css with w3schools being number one. A lot of people have heard of w3schools but you can follow their on screen tutorials for html and css and many other coding languages at that like node.js, php, javacript/jquery, and so forth. If you haven't heard of these sites you need to check them out.

css-tricks is aimed at users who are familiar with html and css somewhat but want to learn neat tricks to use with their css or just want to learn better ways to code.

Also if you guys need support I am very good with html and css for the most part and would love to provide the best assistance I currently know how. Thank you
Awesome thanks for the share :)

Note: Just a reminder if your post isn't a question make sure to uncheck question option under thread status. I have done it this time for you :)
I have learned a lot from "SO", but it's not as friendly as CodeForum.
Being able to ask questions & also help members is incredible for the learning process.

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