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A practice script I wrote a while back.


Gold Coder
A little practice script I wrote a couple years ago. I could probably do a little better job of it now. Anyway here is drinks.py for anyone that may want a practice script.

#! /usr/bin/env python3

# Do the imports
from subprocess import call
import os

# Clears the screen of cluttered text
call('clear' if os.name == 'posix' else 'cls')

# Define Menu class and function/method
class Menu:
    def __init__(self):
    def menu(self):
        self.menuitems = {'coffee':1.25, 'tea': 1, 'coke':1.75, 'water':.5}
        return self.menuitems

# Define tax class and function/method
class AddTax:
    def add_tax(self, total, tax):
        return total*tax

# Define discount class and function/method
class Discount:
    def discount(self, total, discount_amount=0):
        return total*discount_amount

# class and function/method for displaying text
class Display:
    def output(self, text):

# Controller text for various operations
class Controller:
    def __init__(self, menu=None, addtax=None, discount=None, display=None):
        self.menu = menu or Menu()
        self.addtax = addtax or AddTax()
        self.discount = discount or Discount()
        self.display = display or Display()

    # Function/method for displaying menu items
    def show_menu(self):
        stuff = []
        for key, val in self.menu.menu().items():
            stuff.append(f'{key}: ${format(val, "0.2f")}')
        self.display.output(f'Menu: {", ".join(stuff)}')

# Define main
def main():
    # Initiate the controller class
    controller = Controller()

    # Start the loop
    while True:
            # Print out message
            print('What would you like to drink?')
            print('Format is item amount seperated by comma or space.')
            print('Example: coke 3, tea 1')
            # Add a blank line

            # Show the menu

            # Ask for order. Can be comma seperated or space
            # Examples coke 2, tea 2 or coke 2 tea 2
            order = input('>> ').lower().replace(',',' ').split()

            # Start a loop for asking if a member. Returns either True or False
            while True:
                print('Are you a member? (y/n)')
                member = input('>>> ')
                if member.strip() == 'y' or member.strip() == 'yes':
                    membership = True
                    membership = False

            # Prints the top part of receipt
            print(f"{''.ljust(25,'-')} Receipt {''.rjust(25,'-')}")

            # This check to make sure that an item and amount is entered
            # If not throws error and ask for correct input
            if order and len(order) >= 2:

                # Places the input into a dict for later use
                iters = iter(order)
                result = dict(zip(iters, iters))

                # Iniate a couple of list for storing
                total = []
                combined_total = []

                # Loop through our input and check if items are in our menu
                # Display accordingly
                for menuitem, amount in result.items():
                    if menuitem in controller.menu.menu().keys():

                        # Stores the cost of items .Gets the cost.
                        # Gets the cost
                        # Formats totalcost for display
                        # Stores combined total for item groups
                        cost = controller.menu.menu()[menuitem]
                        totalcost = f"{format(cost*int(amount.replace(',', ' ')), '0.2f')}"

                        # Display items ordered
                        if len(menuitem) < len(max(result)):
                            npad = (len(max(result))-len(menuitem))+len(min(result))
                            npad = len(max(result))

                        controller.display.output(f'Item: {" ":>4} {menuitem} {"".rjust(npad," ")}Amount: {amount.replace(",","")} {" ":>2} Cost: ${format(cost, "0.2f")} {" ":>2} Total: ${totalcost}')
                        controller.display.output(f'Item: {menuitem} is not on the menu.')
                # Print a blank line

                # Get a total cost of all ordered items
                total = sum(combined_total)

                # If a member add the discount
                if membership == True:
                    discount = controller.discount.discount(total, 0.15)
                    discount = 0

                # Get a new total with the discount
                newtotal = total-discount

                # Get the tax on our total
                tax = controller.addtax.add_tax(newtotal, 0.09)

                # Add the tax to our total
                finaltotal = newtotal+tax

                # Display the content
                controller.display.output(f'Total: {"".rjust(3," ")} ${format(total,"0.2f")}')
                controller.display.output(f'Discount: -${format(discount, "0.2f")}')
                controller.display.output(f'Total: {"".rjust(3," ")} ${format(newtotal,"0.2f")}')
                controller.display.output(f'Tax: {"".rjust(4," ")} +${format(tax,"0.2f")}')
                controller.display.output(f'Total: {"".rjust(3," ")} ${format(finaltotal,"0.2f")}')
                print(f'{"".rjust(59, "-")}')
                print('You will need to enter both item and amout.')
        except ValueError as error:
            print('Please use the correct format when ordering.')

if __name__ == '__main__':

What would you like to drink?
Format is item amount seperated by comma or space.
Example: coke 3, tea 1

Menu: Coffee: $1.25, Tea: $1.00, Coke: $1.75, Water: $0.50
>> Coffee 3, Coke 2, Water 1
Are you a member? (y/n)
>>> y

------------------------- Receipt -------------------------
Item:      Coffee      Amount: 3    Cost: $1.25    Total: $3.75
Item:      Coke        Amount: 2    Cost: $1.75    Total: $3.50
Item:      Water      Amount: 1    Cost: $0.50    Total: $0.50

Total:     $7.75
Discount: -$1.16
Total:     $6.59
Tax:      +$0.59
Total:     $7.18

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