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Solved Ability To Upload PDFs

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Deleted member 205

Hey there.

I have created Manifestos for a new GitHub Organization of mine. These Manifestos though, are PDFs. And as far as I'm aware, CF does not support PDFs.

I can remember trying to upload a PDF once and it just wouldn't upload.

Fixing this Issue would greatly be appreciated.

Did you encounter any errors?
Hey, @Malcolm.

I tried editing the original Post in this Thread to include two out of the three Manifestos. But unfortunately, it just said 0% and then the bar disappeared. There was only the option to remove them.
I’ll look into this further. I tested it and it worked fine.
@Dan-Kode I'm not having any issues uploading. Can you send me the file so I can test from my end?
Would you like me to send one of the Manifestos or just a simple test PDF?

If it's a Manifesto and it works, please delete it later.
Hey, @Malcolm.

Turns out that uploading PDFs does work. I think it was because after it uploaded, it only displayed a Delete-Button and that was making me think it wasn't working. Everything actually works fine.

You may close this Thread now.
Closing this thread 🙂
Thanks for the quick update on letting us know it works to your satisfaction Dan!
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