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Accept default value at user input


New Coder
Hello again
Trying to find a method that when prompted to enter a value, the user presses the 'Enter' key for the program to accept a default value. Apparently there is not a consistent ascii code of 'Enter' that I can use to compare, if I understand it correctly. Here is a snippet of my example. I used the highlight option this time- not sure if correctly.

btw, the code, in entirety, works. Thanks.

Edit- I don't see anything highlighted :confused:

int h, temp, response = 0;
int local_press = 760;

printf("\n1\tAtmospheric pressure known (mmHg) <760>\n");
printf("2\tAltitude and air temperature known\n");
printf("\nPlease enter a choice (1 or 2): ");
response = get_user_input();

   if (response == 1 )
   printf("\n Enter Atmospheric Pressure [mmHg] <760>");
   local_press = get_user_input();
   printf("\n Enter Altitude [Meters]:");
   h = get_user_input();
   printf("\n Enter Air Temperature [Celcius]: ");
   temp = get_user_input();
   local_press = calc_atm_press(h, temp);


Active Coder
Staff Team
I used the highlight option this time- not sure if correctly.
What I meant was selecting 'C' in the language when you include code ;).
Here an example:
#include <stdio.h>

int main()
    char c = getchar();

    if(c == '\n')
        printf("Key: %c.\n", c);

    return 0;
The character '\n' equals 'enter'.
If the value of the character is 'enter', you use the default value. Otherwise, you read the rest of the string (With scanf or something).
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