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Java Advanced Spring Boot Controller Advice: Handling Custom Exceptions and Global Error Handling

Hilton D

I'm working on a Spring Boot project and utilizing Controller Advice to handle exceptions globally. However, I'm facing challenges in implementing custom exception handling and achieving more advanced error responses. Below is a simplified version of my current Controller Advice:

public class GlobalExceptionHandler {

    public ResponseEntity<ErrorResponse> handleException(Exception ex) {
        ErrorResponse errorResponse = new ErrorResponse("Internal Server Error", HttpStatus.INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR.value());
        return new ResponseEntity<>(errorResponse, HttpStatus.INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR);

This configuration has to be improved to handle particular custom exceptions with thorough error messages and provide more details in the error response. I searched a few websites but was unable to find a solution. How can I use Spring Boot Controller Advice to handle this sophisticated error? Specifically, how can I handle custom exceptions and provide more detailed error information in the response?

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