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Advertise with Code Forum

Are you looking to advertise on Code Forum? Then you’re in the right place; we are currently offering a few advertising placements that you could use to help promote your website, app and more.

Disclaimer: All content on this page may be changed or updated at any time.


Currently, Code Forum will only offer a few advertisement placements to help reduce the risk of the platform being over-saturated with ads. Those placements are listed below (Note: banners on the top of the homepage are reserved for Code Forum banners only).
  • Between forum sections (midway down and beyond)
  • Sidebar (Square banner)
  • Above Footer
  • Between thread replies
Other positions may be added in the future.

Terms, conditions and guidelines:​

Advertisements displayed on Code Forum must follow policies and remain compliant throughout their duration. There will also be no refunds if your advertising violates these guidelines.
  • You must be a registered member of our platform.
  • Upon purchasing an advertisement placement, you become an “Advertiser” on Code Forum. Once advertisement placement has expired, you are no longer considered an “Advertiser”; therefore, you become ‘someone who has advertised’ with us.
  • Only administrators are authorized to approve advertisements.
  • Payments are to be made through Stripe.
  • As a member of our platform, you are subjected to following our Code of Conduct and any other policies.
    • Any attempt to breach the Code of Conduct or policies will result in your advertisement being rejected and potential account infractions.
      • Example: This includes but is not limited to advertisements that lead to inappropriate content, such as pictures, text, applications, or videos.
  • Advertisements must be true and forthcoming. Any advertisements that mislead or have malicious intent will be rejected or removed.
  • Advertisements that lead to an inactive service, application or website will be removed.
  • All advertisements will also be vetted to ensure compliance with these guidelines.
  • Advertisements will not be shown on mobile devices as they affect the mobile experience of members on our platform.
  • We have every right to remove or prevent advertisements that could or will hurt Code Forum’s platform and/or reputation, hurt our members, or at our discretion.


Our pricing for each advertisement placement is different. Depending on the placement of the ad, the price may vary. For example, our homepage is considered our most valuable place and will have a higher price than other places, like inside a thread. All advertisement placements are charged every 30 days through our payment provider, Stripe. The start date is when we receive the payment, and the end date is at the end of the advertisement placement's duration.

We accept USD currency, but an alternative payment currency may be discussed with the Administration. Clich here to buy an ad placement.
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