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What Is Lua
Lua is a Scripting-Language designed by Roberto Ierusalimschy and a bunch of other people in 1993. The Language is
designed to be used as a Language that can be embedded into C/C++ Programs(The Language itself has a native C API).
This API is what can be used to extend the functionality of the C/C++ Program. The Language itself, is
Multi-Paradigm but is mainly used as a Scripting-Language to extend functionality.

The current Version of Lua is Lua 5.3.5 released in July 2018. With the current Beta being 5.4.0-beta-rc2.

History Of Lua
As stated, Lua was created by Roberto Ierusalimschy, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo and Waldemar Celes, who were all
members of a group called 'Computer Graphics Technology Group'(Or 'Tecgraf'). From 1977 to 1992, Brazil(Where Lua
was made
), had extremely strict policies for trading of Software and Hardware. So, the people working at Tecgraf
could not afford any customized-versions of Software from abroad. As a result, this caused the start of Lua's

Lua was primarily inspired by SOL(Simple-Object-Language) and DEL(Data-Entry-Language). With some parts of it's
Syntax borrowing from Modula and C.

Lua would not be released to the public until 1995 with the release of Version 2.1. Prior to Version 5.0+, Lua
was licensed under a license that was "similar" to the BSD License. Versions 5.0 and above now use the MIT License.

Lua Usage
As stated, Lua is a Scripting-Language. While it can be used for other things, it's main use is to be embedded and
used in the production of C/C++ Programs. But of course, this isn't to say that fully-functional Programs have been
made using Lua entirely. Since it's a Scripting-Language, it's thoroughly easy to pick-up and start writing code in
it. Anothe benefit of being a Scripting-Language is that it's light-weight, fast, extensible and portable.

Lua is mainly used in Video-Game Modding and Video-Game Development. Garry's Mod is a good example of Lua being used
for Modding. The online kid's Game, ROBLOX, uses Lua as a Scripting-Language for the Game and it's Client and Users
of the Site can use it to Develop their ROBLOX Games in.

How Do I Get/Learn Lua?
For the Lua Website, please visit: https:/

This will take you to the official Lua Website in which you'll find plenty of information about Lua and how to
download it.

The Site also features a free, online copy of the Programming In Lua book(1st Edition). While it is the first
edition, it can still be used as a reference but some examples may be outdated. You can find it here:
If you're on GNU/Linux, you can easily install Lua via Terminal. But, the Terminal-Installation differs based on Distro.
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