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Anyone using Dependency Walker ?


Well-Known Coder
I'm not sure this is the correct forum to post this, or if there even is a forum for it. If it's inappropriate, by all means delete it and I'll try elsewhere.

I've been an avid user of Dependency Walker (https://www.dependencywalker.com/) to troubleshoot loading/dependency issues with C applications. It was one of the power tools in my toolkit, so to say. Despite that the program hasn't been updated since 2006, it has worked well enough for me right until my retirement in 2019. Nowadays if I run it, it seems tired... taking over 2 full minutes to load even the most trivial of C console programs 😬 This is unworkable of course.

I'm just curious if anyone out there is (still) using this program and what your experience is. Or if maybe you are using something else like the "modern alternative" Dependencies (https://github.com/lucasg/Dependencies). The latter doesn't convince me as yet - it's fast and looks great, but it feels experimental and unfinished, lacking e.g. the output window and profiling option. Worryingly, the data displayed about ordinals, functions, modules etc. is not consistent with what Dependency Walker shows.