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App Building


New Coder
I am interested in building an app for my friend. Do not worry - I am not hoping to become the world's next Mark Zuckerberg/Bill Gates from this app, but I just want to gift my friend something funny and hopefully useful.

I would like to create a personalized app where my friend can keep count of the number of days in a row he has/has not smoked weed. I would also like to be able to see his progress and reward him with little prizes every time he manages a streak. I have followed some app building tutorials on youtube (the ones that are 3 hours long and help you set up your code editor in the beginning and teach you to create buttons) but I have not found them helpful in understanding how to create my own app.

I am using VScode and am planning on using React to build my app (my friend's phone is an iPhone but my laptop runs on Linux). I have taken half of a Introduction to Computer Science course. I have no idea what it would take for me to build this app. I feel very blind in this territory and have no idea what it would take to make this app a reality and how much knowledge I would have to gain in order to be able to build this app myself. Any guidance that you could give me would be very much appreciated.


Active Coder
If it is your first app I highly recommend using PhoneGap. It's a bit easier to work with as a beginner and there are tons of starter projects.

On the other hand you can search Github for open source projects that are similar to what you want. For example, here is an iPhone app that lets people quantify (stats, numbers) their good habits and bad habits. I didn't look too deep into this project, but I know there are dozens of starter projects for habit-breaking / habit tracking apps out there.
https://github.com/woop/awesome-quantified-self <-- first one I found

List of similar projects: (searched git for 'habit')

Good luck!