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Bug bbcode CODE tag, now lacking some neat features.


Well-Known Coder
Hi everyone,

I see on one of my previous topic -> https://codeforum.org/index.php?threads/can-only-load-one-svg-object.2102/post-11886

That the bbcode tag CODE has been modified.

So it's appear to make it work I just need the remove the quote sign "

Rich (BB code):
[CODE lang=html]the code[\CODE]
note: I reversed the slash / in order to escape it from the actual bbcode parser

no big deal, the problem is that those arguments :


seem to not work anymore :/
Hi there!

The addon we used to display code in a pretty format broke after we upgraded our software. However the dev has no intentions of fixing this so we have temporarily disabled the add-on.

We have plans of building our own add-on for this in the near future.

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