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Best free control panel for LAMP stack server?


King Coder
Does anyone have any suggestions for a good, free control panel for a LAMP stack server? Years ago I would use CPanel and DirectAdmin, but these cost just as much a month now if not more than hosting would on a VPS. I've played around with Webmin / Virtualmin and it seems to get the job done, but I just hate how they have different functionality divided out into different sections. It seems like I have to bounce back and forth a lot to get anything done.

I'm ideally looking for something that will install a standard LAMP stack for me as a part of its setup process and allow me to manage users, databases and email accounts easily. I won't be hosting others on my server, just some personal projects, so don't need something super locked down like for web hosting.

Anyone have any suggestions? Sentora seems interesting but I'm not sure how well that is supported or how secure that is. Maybe there is something better out there?


King Coder
Hello Mutiny,

I haven't used any control panel so I can not really help you here...

Once you make a decison, please tell us which one you ended up using ;)


New Coder
I've used many free CP's in the past and finally settled on and love https://fastpanel.direct/ for all my blogs, forums, side projects, etc. It's extremely easy to use, super fast when you make the correct settings plus it's completely free. Again, I use it 4 different VPS's each server with several WP blog's installed and configured. Low on resources, it updates automatically and it's easy to use. Hope this helps. ;)