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Best Programming Language for a Project?



I have a project that needs to perform a specific function and I do not know which language is the best suited for the task and I am aware that several are able to provide what I need.

The app's requirements are to search for word documents in a file tree that has numerous branches using keywords and wildcards.

Then the app should launch the word document to be read, edited and/or printed.

The search function is required to be set of folders in the tree.

The app should function without an installer, though if it has to be then that's fine.

The documents are specifically names in a specific pattern IE : Classification, Last Name, First Name, and a 12 digit alpha-numeric number.

The app would also run on computers using Windows 10 if that matters.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to any ideas.

Yeah, I have Studio installed, I was wanting to the best suited language to use and I figured VB would be the one or C#. I'll take a look and see which one I can figure out to do what I need it to do. Thanks.
Thanks for responding vipulgupta,
I have very little experience with VB.Net and I've played around with a tutorial website for C++. But I'm very unskilled with it all together. I'm also looking for comprehensive tutorials online that are free but the choices are kind of sparse.
Sounds like you HDD will love this project 😛

Basicly any modern language can do what you need it to do. I say, think the logic and then pick the language you know best.
IMO: You dont get huge advantages from any language. Yes, some are better in file handling etc. but for this i would say use the one you know best.

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