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Python Best Things for Python based website


Deleted member 205

Malcolm said:
I guess so. But still not really clear.
Hm, true. But, when I seen @Tretabyte's assumption of frameworks, that lead me to believe that it is for frameworks. But yeah, the question isn't clear so unless we ask them to reformat the question to be more clearer, we're kinda stuck.


It is a bit to work out but if its frameworks or just starting out could mean anything,

I would suggest with adding some value would be starting blocks as i see could need some advise where to start,

first need a python IDE (Editor) - Pycharm, Visual Studio Code, Atom to name a few but there is many others
Framework - I would say Django as i used this myself a lot, there is others such as Flask etc
Learn how to code using pythons strict standards.
and away you go on your creations.

From what i have gathered from the initial question it is a bit rough as the OP didnt clearly put exactly what they were looking for or asking for.
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