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HTML Best way to have GIF favicon but icon in all browsers?


Gold Coder
Okay, I want a GIF icon for https://gugquettex.com but Yandex complained about no valid icon found. It cannot do animated icons. Is there any way I could have a default icon for incompatibility? I hear at root of hosting puting a file named favicon.ico makes an icon regardless of whether it is in HTML. Would that work for a PNG like favicon.png? Also, would it overwrite that GIF in HTML? I would be doing a GIF icon link in each head of each HTML. Does it matter almost all like my site is PHP? Is this a thing I just have to test? X E.
I found an even better way, have it like GIF icon link, PNG icon link, GIF icon link in each page and have a favicon.ico at root of public_html. X E.

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