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Best way to make an app

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There is no "Best way" to make an App. You get the Tools, select the Language and you get working.

Okay, but seriously, there is no "Best way" to make an App. There are some things we need to take into account first.

First of, the Platform. Is it Android, iOS, KaiOS, what's your Platform? You need to select the Platform so you know who you're targeting and what to expect when Developing the App for that Platform. Another thing is, you need to have played around with the Platform's Dev-Kit or at least have gotten it set-up and ready-to-go.

Next, is the Programming-Language. If it's Android, then you have the choices of either Java, Kotlin and if I'm correct, C and C++ too. For iOS, it's either Objective-C or Apple's new Language, Swift. And for more obscure Platforms like KaiOS, if I can remember, it's HTML, CSS and JS for that Platform. If you want to write Apps for these Platforms, you'll need to know the Programming-Languages that they use. If you want to make an Android App, you'll need to know either Java or Kotlin. iOS, either Objective-C or Swift, you get the idea. If you don't know any of these Languages, either learn them or look for another Career if you think it's too difficult to learn them.

Third, is your Dev-Kit. Android has Android-Studio, Apple has XCode and other obscure Platforms, I really don't know. But Android Studio(Which is based on the IntelliJ IDE) and XCode(Apple's Dev-Kit) are not easy to learn. They'll take some time to learn(Especially Android Studio, as it's a heavily modified IntelliJ). When you set them up for the first time, don't dive head-first into the pool. You'll crack your head open if you do that. Instead, try using the pool-ladder. Or in other words, don't immediately start making an App. Get to know the Dev-Kit's Layout, how it works and how to use it's Features(E.g. Device-Emulation). Once you've sunken some time into learning the Dev-Kit, maybe try making your first App. It can be a simple App that teaches the User something(Like Maths) or maybe it can be a simple Blog for your Website. Experiment with what you can create with your new knowledge of the Dev-Kit and you're current knowledge of the Programming-Language you're using. But remember, when you make your first, full, App, don't immediately submit it for Review. That's just a waste of time and money. Maybe instead, do some polishing to your first App-Project, show it off on Sites like Reddit or maybe start a new Project and make something even better.

Hopefully, my advice has helped you. Again, before you get into App-Development, you must know at least one Programming-Language and preferably, have an idea of what you're doing. App-Development isn't easy as you're working with rocket-science stuff(That's an exaggeration. It's not really rocket-science stuff but it's stuff that can be clueless to a new Developer who hasn't had experience or has no idea what they're doing). Remember to also use the official Documentation provided by Google, Apple and any other Platform-Developer.

Here are some Links to get you started:

Developer Documentation
I personally recommend making an app with Electron if you're starting off so you can use HTML/JS instead of a native code. You can then power this up on a computer (Linux, mac, windows, etc) or put it on mobile phones with PhoneGap.

That said, there's a lot of benefits to using Java for Android or Swift for IOS.
I personally recommend making an app with Electron if you're starting off so you can use HTML/JS instead of a native code. You can then power this up on a computer (Linux, mac, windows, etc) or put it on mobile phones with PhoneGap.

That said, there's a lot of benefits to using Java for Android or Swift for IOS.
Thank you for your feedback.
Found this online! https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Partly-Cloudy/Inform-Me-Bing-News-API
Partly Cloudy is the show where you'll learn how to build a Xamarin.Forms app from scratch all the way through deploying it to the App Stores! Along the way you'll see some Azure goodness sprinkled in to make a fully enabled real-world mobile app.
This episode is all in the cloud! We create a Bing News Search service in Azure and connect our Azure Function to it - then return the news to our app! Why not just talk to Bing News Search directly from our mobile app? Tune in and find out!
The best way to make an app is to follow these steps:
  1. Idea & Research: Start with a clear app idea. Research the market and competition.
  2. Plan & Design: Create a detailed plan and design the app's user interface.
  3. Learn to Code: If you're a developer, learn the required programming languages (e.g., Swift for iOS, Java/Kotlin for Android). If not, hire a developer.
  4. Development: Build the app using coding skills or a development team.
  5. Testing: Thoroughly test the app for bugs and usability.
  6. Refinement: Make necessary improvements based on testing feedback.
  7. Deployment: Publish the app on app stores (e.g., Apple App Store, Google Play Store).
  8. Marketing: Promote your app through marketing and advertising.
  9. Feedback & Updates: Continuously gather user feedback and release updates to enhance the app.
Hopefully, these points you find helpful.

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