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Binary Library - Resource Directory


Silver Coder
Binary Library is a link-directory that holds links to a variety of resources that could benefit programmers and those interested in computer science. This includes documentation sites, tutorials, forums, books, and more!

The site is hosted on GitHub using GitHub pages and therefore, is easily open to all contributions: new links, translations, improvements to site theme, etc. I welcome all of your contributions, should you wish to contribute.

A community bulletin is available for those who wish to request resources that they are struggling to find and wish to have added to the site so that it's easily available - note that a GitHub account is needed to contribute, including to contribute to the bulletin, so I apologise for that. You may choose to request resources/improvements here on this thread if that's easier - please do not bother with suggestions as the site has been closed.

Development Background
I have had the idea of the site for a while now, but this is just me getting it released. It started from this thread here and after starting up my Linux resources thread, I decided to combine them together into one site for the sake of better organisation and that in the case CF goes down, people will still have a place to find the resources they need.

The current incarnation that you'll see upon visiting the site was done in about two days after I had regained interest and motivation for the project. It was originally considered "complete" back in October, when I finished the original(and yet ugly) site, but I wasn't sure of releasing it at the time; the new site builds off the original layout I had intended for, while vastly improving it in many areas. I have designed the site to be very simple in the sense of the early-2000s web - I hope that it appeals to you.

You'll find the site here: Binary Library - Site closed due to negligence on my part. Sorry.

All feedback is greatly appreciated!
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