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HTML & CSS Bootstrap

Has anyone here used Bootstrap? If so, how difficult is it to learn to use? I'd love to be able to just assign a class to get the effect I want without having to mess with a bunch of CSS properties. Heard a lot of positives about it. How is it compared to Tailwind?

Give me advice on the best way to CSS currently. Thanks.
I was tricked into using bootcrap. It does what it says it will, but you won't be a coder if you go that route. Man up and learn HTML/CSS/JS. That will require the same amount of study and when you run into a problem later on you will be able to solve it and not run around like a chicken without a head.

The 'easy way' will turn out to be the hard way in the long run.
In my opinion, the only thing Bootstrap is good for is that you can use the templates to get you started on the general idea that you are looking for. Overall though, I agree with @OldMan, learn the coding languages yourself so you have an understanding of them. Implement BS if you want, but use it sparingly in my opinion.

You can also learn the languages so that you can create your own version of tailwinds CSS or BS for when you are working on your own projects.

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