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Brand new to coding - First project idea?


Hello! I'm brand new to learning coding (Codewithmosh.com is what I'm currently learning C++ on.) I had an idea for a project that would help lessen my work load at my job. 90% of my work is writing reports. They are all very similar with small differences based on the contact. We write our reports in a program called "Mobil" which is owned by "Tyler Technologies". My idea was to write code that would take certain data points from the program I already input (Name, DOB, incident location, time, etc.), and pull them into a basic pre-written report, with a small portion left open for any minor differences that need to be written in my own words. I believe I can handle most of this with basic cin/cout functions into a saved word document to start.
My first problems:
How would I write code to pull the data I want from a professionally made program?
Is there a way to run this on any computer I happen to be using my putting the code on a flash drive I carry?
Is C++ the correct program to run this on or is Python/other programs more user friendly?
The "Mobil" program requires a login - is web scraping required or can I skip that as I will already be logged into the program?

I think this would be an easy enough program, and am excited to see if I can make it, but I have so little experience that makes me nervous about starting a project like this.
Any advice is greatly appreciated, any ideas are welcome, and any other perspectives would be wonderful.

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