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browser extensions

variety code

New Coder
Does anyone know about browser extensions?
Yes, I have built one on Firefox and multiple Chrome extensions.
I built some tools for:
- url shortening

- website crawling for data (various sites for clients)

- custom Facebook theme "Syracuse Orange" when my cousin (Paschal Chukwu) got a free ride to play basketball - this was a tough one because of how Facebook scrambles their element names/classes/IDs to prevent crawling

- custom Reddit Theme Selector (for fun, to let people custom create themes and share them - I also built in a ton of already available themes to choose... but then Reddit changed their site completely a year later and my extension broke)

- bug reporting (for our company's projects)

I built a few other small ones that I never finished as well.
Do you have any specific questions about building browser extensions?

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