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Building a social networking site


New Coder
Hi everyone
I’m working on a business project at my school. Our idea is to create a social media site that pairs people with common interests but we’re struggling to build the website.
We would really value some help from someone with coding or web development experience
Hi @Gusebaloney, welcome to Code Forum!

We'd love to help but your thread doesn't provide much context as to what is going, What are you struggling with? What's the problem and what have you already tried?
As other said, your 'question' is very vague. We do not even know what is your knowledge? Do you HTML, CSS, PHP...?

If you want to create such a website from scratch, a good amount of experience in that field is needed.

Anyway, if you want help in learning the required skills, here is the right place.
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I built a gaming social network as a side project and it was quite interesting. It was a big learning experience because I was learning about things that I had not done before and it was difficult. Depending on the complexity, it could be an interesting project. The first thing that you need to do is figure out what programming languages you are going to use. For my site, I went with Python & Flask for the backend.

In terms of matching people together, the easiest solution would be to ask users to fill in their interests and just match people with the same interests.
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