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C# C# WPF XAML - problem defining element


New Coder
Hi All

New here, kind of hoping someone can help me out figure out my problem.
I have a UI made by a colleague and I trying to get the coding part done myself.
But honestly I have never worked with WPF/XAML so I am reaching a bit high 🙂

The code is what i am trying to get added to my xaml.

<Image x:Name="alarmImage" Source="resources/image/logo.png" Visibility="Collapsed" />

<MediaPlayer x:Key="alarmSound" Source="resources/audio/buzzer.wav"/>

But wherever I put this code it will break the entire UI(canvas goes blank).
Can anybody perhaps shed some light on what to pay attention to, since it clear you're not just adding this somewhere at the end.


I would post my XAML but it's a pretty big with 2000 lines.
Don't want to break any rules on my first post.
It is hard to say where or where not to insert this without seeing the entire XAML. But yeah, 2000 lines is a lot. You could post a link but it's not something most people would want to debug. What you could do is paste your code in one of the online XML validators and see what comes up. It might show you if something is wrong or out of line.

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