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Can I have phpMyAdmin on a 2018 home laptop?

Will havig phpMyAdmin and xampp on my home 2018 laptom ruin the normal tasks peroformance of the laptop? Thanks for answers.
Hey there,

I wouldn't say it would ruin normal tasks but may slow things down being that it requires some processing power. Another thing to consider is that these sometimes Xampp will use certain ports that are already being used. An example, I believe Skype uses port 80, which xampp used to use the same port causing problems with starting. However closing Skype when I wasn't using it worked. But this was a couple years ago now.

If I may, what is bringing up this concern?
If you're concerned about performance with using a web server on a home laptop, I would recommend perhaps picking up a cheap second-hand in good condition(if you can afford it). This separates your personal stuff from your web server, and performance/security on the home laptop will be just fine.

Running a web server involves you managing ports and firewalls and checking logs(which will build up in size as the server keeps running), and while they're continuously optimised, they do still take up quite a bit of processing power, so if you wanted to play a game, for example, you would need to change the game settings or turn off the server completely if you want the game to run smoothly; you could very easily run a web browser, file manager, terminal, and text-editor all at once though, since aside from the web browser, they aren't exactly performance-heavy and you would need them anyway for when you're working with the server and it's configuration files.

Hope this helps!
The answer is no. I have had wamp phpmyadmin on my computer ever since I started to study PHP. It is one of the first thin gs I put on my computer when I get a new one. They do not run in the background so they can't slow things down.

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