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Bug Can't Upload a GIF as my Profile Picture


Frontend Developer
Staff Team
I am trying to change my profile picture to a GIF, but it either loads forever and then nothing happens, or I get this error:
Screenshot 2022-01-02 at 19-11-32 Account details.png

The GIF image is 400x400px and 2.38mb
That's weird, however, @Malcolm has been doing recent maintenance on the server recently - perhaps an issue related to that? Either that or their is a certain limit on avatar sizes that isn't made clear when uploading. Double-check the GIF's properties(file extension, size, etc.) and keep trying every so often, as a GIF should be uploaded.
I guess the GIF dimensions or size was too big, cause I reduced the size and it works now.

Now it's 296x296px and 1.29mb

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