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Chat with OpenAIAPI in console


Bronze Coder

For some reason im not able to add code etc. tags to post. Maybe maintenance goin onor something.

Anyway, here's the link to a Chat with OenAIAPI in console.
Link updated in next post.
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Well, for some unknown reason i did work with this a bit more.
Lots of it was rewritten, but it was pretty simple after the first round.

Its possible to load a file to bot, catch the latest code it has provided and something else.
/* This is help.txt for quick help in console
    ---help                     - show this help
    ---exit ---quit ---bye      - exit application
    ---clear ---cls             - clear screen
    ---catch show               - show catchCode
    ---catch clear              - clear catchCode
    ---catch file:filename      - write catchCode to file
    ---reset                    - reset short history
    ---history                  - show short history
    ---context                  - show context
    ---load filename            - load text file and send it to AI

    If you close your code inside "<<<" and ">>>", it will be sent to AI as code.
    You can also use <code> and </code> tags.
    Consult readme.txt for more info.

    Thanks, Krisu 2023

See the source code at github -> AiConsoleChat
Very cool! Nice work, I've been looking into creating something similar as well
Hi Malcolm.

This is not so valid code anymore, after OpenAI moved APi towards ChatGPT model. This propably works, but i should update the code some time.

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