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Chromebooks Ideal Solution?


Chrome OS Is one of a stable OS made for School use and work use. it can handle google slides and on some chromebooks you can get the office 365 app with Google Play. Although Chromebooks are very cheap. Getting cheap chromebooks are not the ideal solution. I would Recommend the price between 100-300
I wouldn't say a 80 Dollar chromebook is good because there really slow. When looking into chromebooks into 100+ range. Then that's where performance get's better. I spent 160 On a Chromebook and it does amazing. Plays 4K smooth and is great for work. The best part about a chromebook is its best Battery life. it can last up to 9 to a whole day depending on use and battery size. I would say that if your looking for something to use like school or work without gaming then I would say it is good. The only parts are its web based OS so prepare for limitations.
While ChromeBooks are good for things like Education in Schools or for Kids, they aren't really suitable for Work or General-Use. They're also not really suited for more intensive Tasks like Programming. This doesn't even depend on the Hardware, it essentially applies to all ChromeBooks out there as they all run on Google's proprietary ChromeOS.

ChromeOS is like Windows 10S. You get the Computer and the Operating-System. But you have a bunch of Functionality and Features taken away from the actual one(In the case of W10S). You lose access to downloading Programs off the internet and have to download it off of an App-Store, you can only open certain File-Types and a bunch of other things taken away from you. That's what ChromeOS is like. Windows 10S but for Kids and Schools....And extremely cheap Hardware. Speaking of Hardware, some of the Computers on ChromeOS are expensive. Just look at Google's own Laptops and see for yourself. I'd rather pay for a Laptop that comes with everything and actually has a good Price for it(Some good Hardware, an OS that spies on me and an OS that lets me download Viruses off of the internet) instead of some over-priced Laptop that runs on a crappy Linux-Based OS that has several restrictions to it(And a crap-ton of Spying too!)

As for Spying, if you value your Privacy, don't get a ChromeBook. Since it's developed by Google and runs on a Google-OS and has a lot of proprietary Google-Stuff, you can bet those $600+ that you spent on a crappy, over-priced Laptop that you'll be Spied on.

But in my opinion(While I have never used one before), I'd probably say that getting a ChromeBook is not worth it unless you love Google(And getting Spied on), you plan to use it for School or you plan on buying one for your Kid(s) then maybe buy one. But for things like Work or General-Use, maybe just get an iMac/MacBook or a Windows-PC(But don't forget to free yourself from Microsoft by installing GNU/LInux!!!)
I had one, but it snapped in half a good few months ago. I don't miss it much. It's nice, but is extremely limited compared to other laptops around the same price. If you can get one for super cheap, then go for it because it's good for on the go... but it's not the best for extensive coding and work. I found that the keys were too small, the specs weren't great, and I only really used it for random web browsing. That said, the touch screen and flip around screen swivel were great.

Now I do all my work from a Dell XPS 15 9570. I hook it up to 3 monitors (something a Chromebook can't handle easily) and do all my work on it at home, and on the go too. I used to have the Chromebook for on the go & a desktop computer for home... not anymore!

Just to help you compare... Here's some stats.

Average chromebook...

720p, maybe 1080p video quality
RAM around 2-4GB, usually DDR3
Battery 7-12 hours ~ Not too shabby!
16-500ish GB disk space (SSD) ~ Not bad!
Usually old Intels, sometimes i3, 1 - 1.6ish GHz, 2 core
Graphics cards vary,
Price - $250-600+ ~ Woo!

Dell XPS 15 9570 .... (with upgrades)
Intel i7-8750H (2.20 / 2.21 GHz), 6 cores
1080p 59hz refresh
But... the price is around $2k

All in all, even though the price is much higher for my current laptop, it far outpowers any Chromebook I ever saw, and it even overpowers my old desktop computer... Here's my old computer specs...

Intel i3, forget the GHz
NVIDIA gfx card, but not great, only 1GB video memory
1TB regular HDD (not SSD)
8gb RAM ddr3
I'm still debating about getting a Chromebook for my mother but have been a little mixed on the reviews. She uses facebook, watches Netflix and surfs the web so I don't want to get her some $600+ laptop. I appreciate the insight you guys have provided!

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