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Code Challenge: Pitch your idea!


Staff Team
Hello, Coders!

I'm creating this thread to replace the last one in hopes that this will be more clearer than before. The purpose of this thread is to give the community the opportunity to pitch ideas for future Coding Challenges. When the time comes for a Coding Challenge, myself and a member of community engagement will pick an idea that was pitched by one of you.

The point of these challenges is to be challenging however solvable. Challenges must be a problem and you have to solve it. Keep your pitches straight forward.

An example:
Calculate the square footage of room using width, length etc.


Active Coder
One idea did strike me earlier today and I think it's quite a good one.

It's extremely simple: print something out in ASCII-form. It can be anything. Your username, an animal, a logo for something, whatever. There is no one solution to it. One solution can be done using multiple for-loops for each part of the ASCII art or one solution can involve just tons of print statements. Either is acceptable.

I know it's not exactly challenging but it's nonetheless, a fun activity to do.