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Read Me Code Forum looking for members to join our team!

Hello, Coders!
Status: OPEN.​

Code Forum has recently surpassed 300+ registered members and is looking for talented individuals to join our staff team to help shape our community. We are at a stage in our growth that we need to expand our staff team. With the expansion of our staff team, we plan to bring a great number of new features, events and activity to Code Forum.

Note: Although coding experience is an asset, all are welcome to apply.

Community Engagement
One-position available
As part of community engagement, you will assume multiple different roles – Moderating the community, hosting community events, helping members around the community and greeting new members in the introduction’s forum. However, we also expect you to learn something as well. We encourage you to ask questions, get help, be a positive influencer on the community.​
Duties and responsibility:
  • Monitor What’s New tab (trending, new posts, new threads, threads which are not receiving much activity, threads with no replies).
  • Help boost activity.
  • Engage members by posting on their profiles.
  • Hosting and organizing new coding challenges, coding events.
  • Greet new members in the Introductions forum.
  • Create tutorials, guides or tips for coding.
  • Help members around the community with their questions.
  • Will help out with Discord.
  • Carry out duties as a moderator.
  • Very active.
  • Registered member of Code Forum community.
  • Actively learning or working in a coding environment is an asset.
  • An understanding of XenForo software and moderation tools is recommended.
  • Be able to work under pressure.

Social Media Coordinator
One position available
Social Media Coordinator will be responsible for managing Code Forums’ presence on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This position will require daily postings, be a voice on our social media. And, you’ll need to be comfortable making graphics, videos etc.​

Duties and responsibility:
  • Monitor Code Forums social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).
  • Create daily postings, engage with any direct messages or any tweets.
  • Design creative and unique posters/banner/videos.
  • Collaborate with Community Engagement on getting the word out about coding challenges and or coding events.
  • Help out with Discord.
  • Carry out duties as a moderator.
  • Have the knowledge and understanding of how to use Facebook Business, TweekDeck and other business tools to help promote and manage Code Forums' online presence.
  • Affinity and or Photoshop would be a great asset.
  • Very active.
  • Some knowledge of XenForo forum software would be considered a great asset.
  • Registered member of Code Forum community.
  • Understanding of coding/programming is an asset.

Of course, most of these qualifications are flexible! :)

To apply:
Send @Master Yoda a PM and explain to me why you want this position, your experience, what you can bring to the team and how you see Code Forum benefiting you and how you can benefit others around the community.
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New Coder
I'm interested and I also applied on Forum Promotion (username Jason76). I had took several coding classes in college as well as read self-teaching books.
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