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Converting C code to BASIC

I use Oshonsoft BASIC for programming (I am unable to learn another language)

I have been given some 'C' CODE to help me, and somehow, I have to convert it to Oshonsoft BASIC.

Any assistace welcome, please.

Here is the 'C' CODE and My first attempt. I have to keep proof reading it as there will most likely be some!

NOTE: I hope my way of commenting isn't too annoying, it's the only way I can proceed.

Cheers, Camerart.


  • 18f46k20 8mHz INT PCB_8 HW_UART 171221 0900.txt
    5.7 KB · Views: 3
  • 18f46k20 8mHz INT PCB8 HW_UART 171221 0900.txt
    5.7 KB · Views: 2

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