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Converting several Markdown files into DOCX using pandoc


New Coder
I have a folder called Project:



The README is written in Markdown and looks like this:

document 1
document 1.1​
document 2
document 2.1​
document 2.1.1​

The readme has links to the individual Markdown files. The file structure in the document folder looks like this:

Document 1
Document 2
document 11
Document 21
Document 211

The documents have images that come from the img folder and have cross references to each other e.g. Document 1 has a reference to Document 11.

How can I use a pandoc command to convert the documents as they appear in order in the README to a DOCX file, with the corresponding images and the cross references in the respective Markdown files. Is there a suitable script with pandoc for this?

I had it once with the pandoc command:

for /r "." %i in (*.md) do pandoc -o "%~i.docx" "%~i"

All files in the docs folder were converted to a DOCX file and merged, but the order was completely wrong and the cross references were to the Markdown files from the docs folder and not from the created DOCX file.
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