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Create User Authentication for my Software using MySQL "Serial-Keys"


New Coder
Hey Guys, I made a small Software for a Game and just wanted to know how I can implement an authentication service like an licensing service before the start of an app so that a user needs to authenticate himself everytime the app starts with a key that is stored in a mysql database and if I delete the key from the database he cant use my program anymore... Would be nice if you could help me out.

Krusty the Senile

Active Coder
If you're really serious about licensing your software I would suggest looking at "proper" solutions - to handle the things that other people have already come across in regards to stopping people bypassing any licensing restrictions that a software uses.

A search for "free software licensing solution" turned up https://www.quora.com/Whats-the-best-software-licensing-solution-out-there . Looks like they're all paid.

Another solution would be to possibly use a Google or Microsoft licensing solution ... sounds like from your use case this isn't an option, unless you're developing for mobile.

Another possibility would be to manage users via oauth type service like https://docs.cloudfoundry.org/concepts/architecture/uaa.html . This would seem to require more setup.
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