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Creating an exe file through cmd to change my Power System!


New Coder
Hello friends. I have a question that might be simple to answer, how can I configure certain things on my power plan through an exe file, so I won't need to manually configure it?
Thing is: where I work, I'm constantly formating machines, installing Windows 11, Office and doing some personal configurations that the company I work to asks me to do. One of them is to configure the Power Plan, such as the Turn off display and the Put the computer to sleep are both set to Never, as the Setting minutes on Turn off disk after is also set to 0.
What I want to do is to creat an executable script through notepad or such, that could automatically do it for me when I click on it. Like, asking the machine to set this for me through coding lines, I would create it and the moment I double click on it, it would set this preferences for me. Is it possible? Looking on internet, I only found ways to change the power plan through cmd.
I'm attaching a picture where I point the settings I want to change.
Thanks for the help!


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If you're constantly formatting them and installing the same things, why not create a machine image with all of that (including this setting/configuring work) already done? Then you'd only have to re-image the machines using that image, and maybe add unique activation codes to each.

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