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JavaScript creating button and text input linked event listener functions


New Coder
I am having problems grasping event listener functions for a series of button inputs and text inputs linked to arrays. All the functions focus on a single task and are relatively simple-- at least in conception, if not my execution.

Please find below the html for reference and the js for patchwork. I appreciate any help or tips you can provide.



<!DOCTYPE html>
<head lang="en">

<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

<link rel="stylesheet" href="test.03.css" media="screen">


<div class="container">

    <textarea class="textarea" placeholder="Type Here"></textarea>

    <!--Letter Labels-->
    <span class="lA">A</span>
    <span class="lO">O</span>
    <span class="lC">C</span>
    <span class="lD">D</span>

    <!--Blue Letter Selection-->
    <button class="lb">Blue</button>
    <button class="bA button" data-typed="A" data-regex=/[A]/ data-displayed="bA" data-selected="false">bA</button>
    <button class="bO button" data-typed="O" data-regex=/[O]/ data-displayed="bO" data-selected="false">bO</button>
    <button class="bC button" data-typed="C" data-regex=/[C]/ data-displayed="bC" data-selected="false">bC</button>
    <button class="bD button" data-typed="D" data-regex=/[D]/ data-displayed="bD" data-selected="false">bD</button>

    <!--Gold Letter Selection-->
    <button class="lg">Gold</button>
    <button class="gA button" data-typed="A" data-regex=/[A]/ data-displayed="gA" data-selected="false">gA</button>
    <button class="gO button" data-typed="O" data-regex=/[O]/ data-displayed="gO" data-selected="false">gO</button>
    <button class="gC button" data-typed="C" data-regex=/[C]/ data-displayed="gC" data-selected="false">gC</button>
    <button class="gD button" data-typed="D" data-regex=/[D]/ data-displayed="gD" data-selected="false">gD</button>

    <input class="concatenationarea">

<script src="test.03.js"></script>



let bttns = document.querySelectorAll(".button").forEach();
let keys = document.getElementById("textarea").forEach();
let nucarray = []
let concatarray = []

// Toggle button select on/off
function buttonToggle(bttns) {
    if (bttns.data-selected == false) {
       bttns.data-selected == true;
    else if (bttns.data-selected == true) {
        bttns.data-selected == false;

// Deselect prior selected buttons of the same letter
function buttonLetterCheck(element, bttns) {
    if (element.data-typed == bttns.data-typed)
    { element.data-selected == false; }
    else { return }

// Deselect prior selected vowels
function buttonVowelCheck(element, bttns) {
    if (element.data - typed === "A" || bttns.data - typed === "O")
        { element.data - selected == false; }
    else if (element.data - typed === "O" || bttns.data - typed === "A")
        { element.data - selected == false; }
    else { return}

// Only allow button selected letters to be typed into the text area
function textRegex(keyPressed, bttns, event) {
    allowed_chars == bttns.data-regex;
    if (!allowed_chars.test(event.key)) {
    else { return }

// Text Area Display: show array of color coded typed letters bracketed by start and end
function textDisplay(keypress) {
    if (Keypressed != bttns.data-typed) {
        delete (keyPressed);
    else {
        textarea.color = bttns.background-color();
        nucarray.push(bttns.data - displayed);

    textarea.value = '';


    textarea.value = nucarray.join;


//Concatenation Area Display: show daisy chain mini version of the button images bracketed by start and end buttons
function concatDisplay(keypress, bttns) {
    if (Keypressed != bttns.data-typed) {
        delete (keyPressed);
    else {
        concatenationarea.value = '';


        concatenationarea.value = concatarray.join();

bttns.addEventListener("click", bttnToggle);
bttns.addEventListener("click", bttnLetterCheck);
bttns.addEventListener("click", bttnVowelCheck);
keys.addEventListener("keypress, click", textRegex);
keys.addEventListener("keypress", textDisplay);
keys.addEventListener("keypress", concatDisplay);


if (bttns.selected == true) {
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