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Wouldn’t it be cool to have our own app? What kind of app would you create? For me, news sites lol.
You mean a CF App?

And I hope you've read the previous Posts made by me and @Malcolm that go over the use of this Thread. This Thread is to help others get Ideas. Not for sending Suggestions over to Malcolm.

If you want to suggest something to Malcolm, do it in the Community-Hub Board or PM him. Although, I doubt Malcolm is interested in making a CF App right now. Mind you, we're still a small Community so it wouldn't be worth it just now unless the Community eagerly wants an App.
I also don't see the point in an App. The Forum is great on Mobile aside from a Scaling-Issue that happens when I zoom in and out.

Not to mention that what's going to be the difference between the App and the Site? Nothing, really.
I am asking you people - what kind of app you would like to build/have?
I think something you guys should all keep in mind is that this thread was intended to help you and other developers on creating something. What I had in mind for this thread is let's say you want to create something with your new skills in C# but have no idea what to make - so in theory, you would come to this thread and browse through the posts and pick an idea to create your first app on.

hey man can you add a field in our profile like that displays what programming languages we know?

For example if i can write c# in my field people know that i ask help for c# if that makes sense without me having to state it in my thread.
Again, this isn't related to the Original Intention of this Thread.

But there is a Skills Field which lets you put in the Languages you know, what APIs you know etc.

You can add to it in the Account-Details on your Profile Settings.
In fact, if you have an Android Phone, your Browser gives you the ability to add the Site to your home. So it technically is an App but it's just displaying the Site.

Again, @Malcolm has no plans for a CF App. And I doubt he'll ever make one.
Hey, @Malcolm.

Just as a Suggestion for this Thread, maybe Sticky it. Just so that it doesn't get lost in the sea of Posts.
Here is a list of my ideas, for improving your coding skills & adding to your resumes! They can pretty much be created with almost any programming language of your choice.
  • Drinking or social game(s) that would be fun to play with friends or family. Can be turn-based to keep it simple
  • Convert one of your favorite games into a digital game (For example, I created Quess - my (not yet public) open source chess engine for HTML/JS)
  • Create a notepad or textarea of some sort that encrypts what you write and decrypts later only with the correct password
  • Create a small app or script that uses my company's Wubur SMS API to send texts to any number ;) We're cheap & easy to use, I promise!
  • Develop a small, simple interface for tracking something in your life. For example, I made a small tool to help my parents track their Christmas cards to make sure they can write return cards to everyone who sent mail.
Probably a good Idea. And when you do, include Examples, of what Users should Post and shouldn't Post. That then makes it more apparent that it's for sharing Ideas for beginners and that it's not a place to gather others to help with a Project.

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