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Cross Platform Attendance


New Coder
Hey everyone,
I used to dabble in code long before frameworks were widely used and I've recently considered looking into a career in software development. Before I really want to dive in, I want to make a few small projects that I'll benefit from in my personal life just to see if it's something I could actually enjoy doing in the long-term.

The first project I'm trying to tackle is an attendance-tracking platform for youth groups. I know enough about PHP and MySQL to make my project work on a website, but I've been playing with electron and would much rather create the project to be an actual application. The issue I face is that I'd like it to be available for mobile devices as well.

That poses 2 elementary questions that I'm hoping to get some up-to-date advice on-
1. What is the most effective framework to create an application to be cross-platform (including desktop)? I'd like to work with a framework that is widely used in the industry, and I'm not too afraid of a learning curve because I'd like to get a taste of what I'll be dealing with long-term.
2. What is the best way to integrate databases into applications? I've only ever worked with mySQL tables, but accessing that can be slow and I'd probably like to ultimately store the data either locally or on a user-specified cloud storage location. What should I be looking into to figure this out?

Thanks for your advice in advance!
Hello, I recommend using Kotlin Multiplatform.
It can't be for all that at once though, so you may have to skip one in that one app.
I do not know about databases, but I know that both ways seemingly can work.
You will at least need a local file for where things are stored.

Java also works for multiplatform.
I do not know more, but maybe this helps.
X E.

It's great that you're exploring software development and working on practical projects. For your attendance-tracking platform, here are some suggestions:
  1. Cross-Platform Framework:
    • Consider using React Native or Flutter. Both are popular, widely used frameworks for building cross-platform mobile applications.
    • React Native uses JavaScript, while Flutter uses Dart. Choose based on your comfort with the language and the development ecosystem.
  2. Database Integration:
    • For local storage, you can explore SQLite, which is lightweight and suitable for mobile applications. Both React Native and Flutter have packages for SQLite integration.
    • For cloud storage, you can consider services like Firebase (Firestore for NoSQL databases) or AWS Amplify. These services provide easy integration with mobile applications.
Remember to check documentation, tutorials, and community support for the chosen framework and database solution to make your development process smoother. Good luck with your project!

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