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HTML Custom Clothing Design


New Coder
I'm looking at developing a section of a website for a friend that will allow a person to create custom logo's/images on various pieces of clothing. I'm not sure the best way to go about it in terms of coding, any ideas?
Specifically are you looking for something that gives the user a visual representation, eg shows them a logo on a t-shirt, or more of a back end functionality that lets the user upload their logo and add it to a cart? What language / CMS will you be working with?
I'm looking to have the user select an article of clothing (hat, shirt, pants etc) then give the option to select from a list of predesigned logos or upload their own (they also would have the option to add text with various font options). I have general experience with HTML, CSS, JS, AJAX, PHP, Bootstrap and others (but I'm more than willing to learn whatever language would be needed since I am not working due to the ongoing plague).
So, there's a few pieces to this:

1) Something that lets you present the user with a list of logos for a piece of clothing
2) Something that lets the user upload a custom logo
3) Something that lets a user add their custom text onto the clothing

The first piece has many ways for you to tackle that. Store the options in a database, hard code this list, etc.

The second piece is a bit more complex, but you can do this in PHP, as long as you take proper security precautions to ensure that you're allowing only an image upload. You can also use the service I recommend for the third part as an image upload host...

Which brings us to the most complex piece, letting the user put their own custom text / font on the piece of clothing.

I would suggest you look into Cloudinary which is a service that lets you do all sorts of cool things with images. One of those is easily adding text on top of images. They have a tutorial here and there's lots of different options for letting a user do this, either in PHP, JS, or even just by loading an image via a URL.

They also support all of the Google Fonts for the fonts you can add to the image, so that gives you a lot of options for letting users customize their clothing items. More info is here.

They do have a somewhat generous free tier, so it's certainly an option worth exploring.
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