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JavaScript D3 Freecodecamp Scatter Plot project problems


Hi all 🙂

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend.
I'm having some trouble with this FCC project. I have already asked for help at the
FCC site but have not received replies.

This is the project:
FCC scatter plot project

This is how it's supposed to look like:
Their scatter plot

So, the dots look correctly lined up to the original, here's my code :
Codepen project link

So, tests 6,7,and 8 are failing, I don't understand why though as the dots look exactly in the same spot as the FCCs' plot?
And the mouseover test, but I can't even get my tooltip to align with event.pageX and event.pageY ?

The tests appear in the bottom console area, in the top left corner (click on the lines) and then under scatter plot.
Hope someone is willing to take a look. Thanks !

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