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New Coder
The problem that I am facing now is how to design & structure my project. Here is brief explanation of the roles of my application.
  • It executes a child process and controls them using ptrace. Thus I would be doing things like peeking, poking of the child process's address space.
  • I would also be sharing the information of the child over to other process through socket communication.
  • Moreover, if you are aware of uffd (userspace page fault handling), I would also be handling page faults from the child process.
  • Along with that, I shall also be maintaining buffers which I would be filling from child or be receiving from the remote side
No matter, how hard I think, I could not come up with a clean structured way. Hence any help on how to layout things in a modular or structured way will seriously help as I am pretty sure, the code size will eventually get bigger and messier.

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