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Desperately need help with JS/CSS code issue


New Coder
Hi All,

I am not a coder or a website designer but have been tasked with building a website for an upcoming conference. I have done this through WebsiteBuilder Pro but am now totally stuck at the last hurdle and can't find any support anywhere to help me resolve it. I am really hoping someone here will be able to help.

So, I am trying to embed a piece of JS code for a registration form into my website using an html widget. The form has multiple conditional fields which should be displayed depending on the options selected to prior answers. When I embed the JA, the first part of the form shows but nothing else does in any way of viewing the website (even if I publish it). It seems like the fields are there but can't be seen. I have tried looking at the CSS code but a) I don't know what I am looking for and b) all it says is:

*#dm *.dmBody div.u_1983042896{


I would be so grateful if someone can pick this up and help me. I really need to open the conference registration but am absolutely stuck.


Does this form JS code come from a third party form builder? Do they have conditional logic available so a field shows based on response to another field? Is it set up to do this?

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