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Developing an AR indoor navigation app on flutter.


New Coder
Hi everyone! hope everyone's doing well I was wondering if anyone could help me with creating an AR indoor navigation app I'm not exactly sure what softwares to use I'm very new to app development however I am using dart (flutter) and android studio to develop the app but I heard unity is usually used to integrate AR into apps could someone maybe point me in the right direction, please? I'm really struggling to figure out how to integrate flutter with unity.
To create an AR indoor navigation app using Flutter and Unity:
  1. Use Unity for AR: Unity is commonly used for AR development. Build your AR features in Unity, like mapping indoor spaces and handling AR interactions.
  2. Integrate with Flutter: Communicate between Unity and Flutter using platform channels. You can send data back and forth between the two environments.
  3. Flutter for UI: Use Flutter for the app's user interface, navigation, and other non-AR elements.
  4. Testing and Deployment: Test your app's integration thoroughly. You can build the Unity part for Android/iOS and incorporate it into your Flutter project.
  5. Resources: Utilize Unity's AR Foundation for AR capabilities. Explore Flutter packages like flutter_unity_widget to embed Unity content within Flutter.
This approach combines the strengths of both Unity and Flutter to create an AR indoor navigation app. Remember that this is an advanced project, and it's important to gain proficiency in both Unity and Flutter for successful integration.

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