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Java Differences in visual capabilities between Java applets and applications

Hilton D

Active Coder
Is there anything a Java program can achieve that an applet cannot in terms of graphic capabilities?
I'm talking about java libraries (such as Swing), not native ones.
I need to design a graph visualization user interface, most likely utilizing the spring embedder technique. I saw this oracle doc but couldn't find any regarding graphic capabilities.
Initial download times are unimportant; now I'm concentrating on what 2D visual capabilities utilizing the Swing one program has that an applet does not.
I believe my graphic interface should resemble a Visual Thesaurus.
I read on this site that if I use an applet without jumping through huge hoops, I won't be able to access the lower visual layers, which means I won't be able to utilize OpenGL binding libraries like jogl, which may be a major issue. Is that correct?
Why do you want you use a Java applet ? This technology has been deprecated since 2017, and browsers don't support it anymore.

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