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Does anyone know a host/datacenter with IP Header Modification (aka Spoofing) enabled?


New Coder
I professionally run a server stress testing service for companies such as PrimaryGuard and am in need of a datacenter/hosting service that can provide dedicated servers with IP header modification enabled. If anyone would be able to point me to a host, or even better own a datacenter themselves and could help me out, I could repay them with a finders fee or rent with you long term.

Thank you!
I've been running a server stress testing service for companies like PrimaryGuard, and it's been quite a journey finding the right setup. Dedicated servers could be a game-changer for you. They give you the flexibility to customize your setup to meet your needs precisely.
Personally, I've found that dedicated servers offer more control and better performance for tasks like stress testing. You can optimize the server configuration to ensure you get the best results for your clients. It's like having your own playground where you can experiment and fine-tune your setup until it's just right.

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