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Does anyone know how to use the Raptor flowchart Beta 2 program for the web?


New Coder
Hello, I'm SJP and am new to the forum!
I started taking a online Web Development class through my local community college, and we are currently learning about flowcharts. The main flowcharting program that my class is using is called "Raptor". My question is, does anyone know how to use the Beta 2 version meant for the web? It looks a lot different than videos I've seen of the actual software, and I am having trouble figuring out how to create "variables". Obviously, It would probably be much easier to install the actual software, but I have a Macbook air laptop instead of a Windows computer so it makes it difficult to install the original Windows version. Raptor also makes several versions compatible with Mac and Linux, but I couldn't figure out how to install it.
Any help would be much appreciated!

Link to the Raptor website: RAPTOR - Flowchart Interpreter

Link to the Raptor Web version: Raptor 2 - Flowchart Interpreter
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