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Dynamic image maping ???


New Coder
OK not sure the title is accurate enough but here goes.
I want to have a map of a town and have a user be able to zone and name this map into however many zones they wish
Then via a set of GPS Co ordinates be able to ascertain what zone this would be within.

This is just a small part of a project I've been story boarding for a while but this is the part I can't think of a programming method to do as I require.

Hopefully somebody has an idea or could point me in the right direction

Thanks in advance Gaz
I would start by building an app using esri api. That will allow you to create a map and interact with it. You can use MySQL or PostGreSQL to store your spatial data.

Provide user with edit rights to create and modify polygons.

Import gps data directly into your database and use esri api to run overlay analysis

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