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JavaScript dynamically populating html drop down list through javascript


New Coder
Hello -

I am trying to populate a drop down HTML with data, specifically date values, via javascript.

Assume I have the select drop down list in HTML, with id "inceptionDates"

in the javascript, make reference to the HTML drop down list:

const inceptionDatesddl = document.getElementById("inceptionDates");

now the next assumption, a database call is made in the javascript to retrieve the data, stored in the variable inceptionDates below

The data in inceptionDates is simply

id, inceptiondate
id, inceptiondate
id, inceptiondate


Now I loop through the data, and attempt to translate the inceptiondate date value into the drop down list:
for (let key in inceptionDates) {
                    let option = document.createElement("option");
                    option.setAttribute('value', data[key]);

                    let optionText = document.createTextNode(key);


Trouble is, this results in the Id being populated in the drop down, rather than the inceptiondate, as intended.

Is there a way to get the date value populated into the ddl, rather then the id?
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="utf-8" />
        cursor: pointer;
  <select id="inceptionDates">
    <option value="">choose one</option>
        const inceptionDatesddl = document.getElementById("inceptionDates"),
              data = [
                        ['01', 'date1'],
                        ['02', 'date2'],
                        ['03', 'date3'],
                        ['04', 'date4'],
                        ['05', 'date5']
            /* here we define what is to be the option value or text */
            inceptionDatesddl.insertAdjacentHTML( 'beforeend', data.map( x => `<option value="${x[0]}">${x[1]}</option>`).join('') );
            /* just for test */
            inceptionDatesddl.addEventListener( 'change', function(){ console.log( this.value ? this.value : 'first option' ) } );
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