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Ending WebWareBox


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Hey everyone.

I'm writing this Post to just go over WebWareBox now and why I want it gone. Anyways, let's get into it.

So, for those who don't know, WebWareBox is a piece of Software that you can install onto your Website. It let's Users upload Programs, Music, Files etc. The Project was originally created by me and was soon Open-Sourced under CodeForum.org. I ended up Resigning from my Position as the Lead-Developer not too long ago but then became the Co-Contributor of the Project.

Anyways, in the past month, I have developed a hatred to WebWareBox. There are multiple Reasons why and so let me list them all for you:
  • Code that isn't great but isn't bad either(I'm a person who wants Code to look good).
  • Having to work with HTML, CSS and PHP(It's only now I've started hating working with HTML and CSS. As for PHP, I don't know anything about it other than Comments, echo "" and Variables).
  • I've done everything I could do.
  • Got bored working on the Project.
  • Stressed myself out on the Project.
  • Some annoying things happening along the way(One annoying thing that happended is @Malcolm, taking everything out of the src/ Directory and putting everything in the Root-Directory. According to him[If I can remember], it was too make everything a lot easier to access. That was BS).
  • Since I was focusing too much on it, I literally had no time to focus on anything else.
And those are all of my Reasons for now hating this Project.

I now hate WebWareBox and also despise it. I don't want it to exist anymore and the Project deserves to be wiped from GitHub and the internet entirely. I did enjoy working on WebWareBox during the first couple of months. Even during the Re-Write, I still enjoyed working on it. It was only around mid-late August that I just started to not like it anymore and wanted to get away from it. As stated above, I stressed myself out, the Code wasn't really that great in my Opinion, I hated working with HTML, CSS and PHP and I had done pretty much everything that I could do.
I had done pretty much everything that I could do.
But when I had done pretty much everything, that's when Development began to slow down. So, I resorted to writing Documentation. Those pieces of Documentation only took about 2-3 days to make and after I had done them, I had nothing else to do.

But, i had established a Design-Language for the Project and planned to modify Pages that didn't fall in the Guidelines of that Design-Language. Needless to say, I didn't do it. Then, I made the final Version of the Logo that was about to be used.

About two days or so after the creation of the final Logo, I just gave-up, deleted everything from the Master-Branch, deleted my GitHub and CF Account, removed the Project from OpenHub and left. In my Account Deletion-Message to @Malcolm here on CF, I specifically said to him:
Please delete the WebWareBox Repository.
But, I did also say:
If you want to continue the Project, you may do so.
That second Quote, I wish I had never said. Because now, the Repository is just sitting on it's hands with nothing being done on it. There hasn't even been a single Contribution in the past Week with the only Contribution being the Master-Branch Wipe.

And so, with my hatred of WebWareBox(And all of you, probably tired of me talking about it), I now propose that the Repository of the Project be deleted and that all Posts and Threads related to the Project, to also be deleted(But do not delete this Thread).

Thank you for reading.


Dan-Kode, Former Lead-Maintainer and Former Co-Maintainer of the now defunct, WebWareBox Project.
Please don't consider the effort you put into that project to be wasted. I'd say that so far it's better than what I've started for myself, and that currently stands at nothing. Don't consider it to be any form of mistake either. I would recommend that you don't delete it from your life and accept it for the work and effort and creativity that came from you. If anything, it shows initiative, which is what you'll need whenever starting up any other projects. For better or worse, you have learned something from it.

It also sounds like you got burned out by the project, and I would have to guess from my experience that there was no return from the investment of time you put into the project. And you'll probably read elsewhere and everywhere else, it's always good to step away from a project once in a while and recharge with other things that inspire you.

I guess I could've stepped in and helped with some of the coding or development of the project. I felt that you had a strong opinion on how the project should progress, so I watched and waited. I think you were waiting for feedback regarding how the project had progressed to that point but got none. I can understand how that can be frustrating. If somehow you want to keep that conversation going, I think a few of us are around to chat.

Maybe if you're interested, I could come up with some small tasks and goals that could work towards some functionality. I'd also be learning PHP along the way, but if you're interested in using other environments or languages that would be OK too.
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Why complicate things? See what Dan-Kode hasn’t mentioned is that myself and other collaborators have all said to him is that he needed to slow down, take it bit by bit. And make the process simple for anyone who wished to contribute can.

I moved everything from the their directories because when you were going to view the website on localhost and or on a website it was showing the directories and you had to click your way to a page to see something. So I made I where once you loaded the page you were able to see the website.

Dan-Kode failed to work with his collaborators. I spent days working on the project myself and he turned around and deleted it all and called it a re write.

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