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C# EV Code Certificate


New Coder
we are a startup working in unity environment. we have some issues with automation and PIN with the USB EV Code Certificate that we received. Does anyone here has some experience and give some advice, we are willing to pay for it as much as we cna please.
Many thanks, best regards. I am not a coder myself but while the coding team is doing their best I am trying to do best I can to provide them additional help please. Thank you.
Hi there!

Thanks for joining Code Forum!

I was hoping you could shed more light on what issues in particular you are experiencing and if you have any error messages that would also be great.

I'm not an expert with EV Code Certificate but I will do my best to answer any questions if needed. With that said, I have done a bit of digging but not sure if this what you are looking for but here is what I found:
You can find the source of this information by clicking here.

Let me know if that helps!
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